Standard Dental LLC, Potomac MD

Patient Testimonials


I love this office. The atmosphere is so relaxing and comfortable and Dr. Moaddab is so gentle and caring. He takes so much extra time to get to know his patients. Great experience."

Kevin S.

I used to be so nervous to get dental work done, but with Dr. Moaddab it's as if a close friend is taking care of me. I would always give generic answers that I thought were right but when I'm working with him I feel encouraged to tell him everything because I know he wont judge me, he has a way of explaining things so I improve myself instead of feeling like I'm doing things wrong"

Amanda M.

I love the fact that he takes his time and doesn't rush. He's the first dentist that explained how to reduce pain when receiving a shot, in case I go to another dentist I can make sure they won't hurt! At most offices I barley talk to the dentist, they come in and out so fast. Dr. Moaddab makes sure he spends the time I need to feel comfortable."

Chris G.